Why choose NetFronts?

We're real people.

We don't sell you on hype. We don't tell you anything that isn't true. We tell it like it is, good or bad. So, this is who we are: We are NetFronts. We offer the best prices, the best technology, and the best support. There are real people working 24 hours a day for you. No outsourcing either, everyone of our many employees speak english as a first language.

We're honest

There are no gimmicks or deceitful sales tactics. We talk communicate like humans, eat like humans, and work like humans, we also make mistakes like humans. Fortunately

We're reliable

There are 3 steps to reliability at NetFronts.

We're affordable

We don't offer the world for a dollar, but we don't nickel and dime you either.
Our focus is giving you the best hosting experience guaranteed. We feel that what we have to offer is far better than any $1.99/mo. hosting experience. We work for the customer, and we know what's best for you. If you want fast, reliable hosting, and people that care about you, you will come to our doorstep. If it isn't what you want, then you wouldn't be here.

And if you don't think we're worth the money, try us out. We have a 30 day money-back guarantee for shared/reseller accounts.

Sleep, what sleep?

We monitor our network and servers 24/7. If there is a problem, we are notified within minutes and chances are it will be fixed before you notice. If a server goes down, it will SMS all our techs and admins within 60 seconds. By being here for you 24 hours a day, we can help you keep focused on developing your sites, getting visitors attentions, and growing your online business.

We keep current

As designers, developers, and programmers, we know that web standards are always changing and that programs are always updating. It's a part of the life we live in. NetFronts has made it a goal to always be up-to-date on anything that is relevant to how you do business on the web. This means that we will not only offer you official updates, but chances are, we're going to be offering you beta-versions of upcoming releases. We're like boys with toys; we can't wait to get our hands on something new!

Daily/Weekly Backups

We are paranoid. And some people are trigger happy and accidentally press the delete key. Don't worry, because we make daily backups of all crucial system and user files. They can be downloaded instantly through your cPanel, we also take weekly backups offsite for ultimate security.