Customer Support with Login Problems

Control Panel

  • If you know your username/login but have forgotten the password, click here.

  • If you have forgotten your username and password, then contact us.


  • If you can't login to email, please reset your password. The server may have automatically locked your password because it was too simple.

    To reset email passwords, log in to your Control Panel and click on the EMAIL button at the bottom.  Find the account, and click on it.  On the right side, click on Change next to Password. Please enter a NEW password that includes letters and numbers.

  • Remember to use your full email address as the userid. (ie as the user id)  For additional setup help see this page.


  • Remember your FTP username is all lowercase and a maximum of 8 characters long.  Example: if your Control Panel username is JohnMiller, then your FTP username is johnmill

  • If you just turned on the "FTP SERVER" in your Control Panel, you should turn it back off.  To do so, log in to your Control Panel, click on FTP/USER ACCOUNT on the left side.  Then click on FTP underneath that.   On the right side, if you have turned on the FTP Server, it will say FTP Vhost at the top.  On the second row down it will say Name of Server and will list the name.  Click on the trash can  next to that to disable the Virtual FTP server.   You should now be able to log in with standard FTP.

  • Check your FTP setup.  If you can log in but can't stay connected, turn on Passive Transfer Mode in your FTP software.  For additional setup, see this page.

Domain Name Registration

  • If your domain was registered through NetFronts, and you have forgotten your password for online access, then contact NetFronts by email.  We do not give out passwords over the phone.  For fastest result, send us an email from the administrative contact email address listed on the public record.  To look up this information, see this website.

  • If you domain was registered with another registrar, you should contact that registrar.  To look up this information, see this website.