Transfer Registration to NetFronts

Transferring your domain registration to NetFronts gives you maximum control at a competitive price of $12.99. A domain transfer automatically extends your current registration by one year.

Before you Start! New regulations require the use of a Transfer Authorization code for all domain transfers. A Transfer Authorization Code is a six to 16 character code assigned as an added security measure to ensure that only the Registrant (Owner) of the domain name can transfer the domain name to another registrar. You can get this code from your current domain registrar.

Begin Transfer Process


A domain transfer includes one additional year of registration and costs the same as a domain renewal. ($12.99)

If you are a new hosting customer with NetFronts, you are not required to do a full domain transfer. To begin to use your hosting account with your domain name, log in to your current domain registrar and update the DNS (Domain Name Servers) to our DNS which are listed here. To find your current registrar, do a WHOIS search here.

For a domain transfer to be successful:

The domain must be current and not expired, and not within 7 days of expiration.

The domain must not be 'locked' by the current registrar. Login to the current registrar and ensure that the domain setting is 'unlocked.'

The domain must not have been renewed with the current registrar in past 60 days.

You must provide have the Transfer Autorization Code, which can be received from your current registrar.

You must have a current email address listed as the Administrative Contact.

You must click to confirm the authorization emails sent from both Enom, (NetFronts' partner registrar) and your current registrar.