Cancel Service

Cancellation Terms and Agreement

This is a formal request that you would like to have your site removed from NetFronts' servers under the following terms.

I understand that my site will be removed from NetFronts and that all data, emails and files will be removed. I also understand that there may or may not be a way to restore these files and that there will be a significant charge if these files are requested to be restored. NetFronts recommends that you keep your own back up of your site files at all times.

To protect your web hosting account, the account password is required for your cancellation to be completed. Once your cancellation request has been processed, a result of the cancellation will be sent via the email address entered within the cancellation request form. If you are canceling your web hosting service within your 30-day trial period or within 10 days of your renewal date, the email will notify you of your refund.

Before canceling service, please be aware that NetFronts does not offer pro-rated refunds if you cancel your web hosting service during your pre-paid, contracted term. When you submitted your order, you agreed to our Online Service Agreement. The policy states that you, the Account Holder, will have a 30-day trial period where you may cancel services and receive a refund of any monies pre-paid for the service (excluding set up and domain registration fees). You also receive a 10 day period around your renewal date to cancel services and receive a refund for automatic renewal debits. After the 30-day trial and 10-day renewal periods, NetFronts reserves the right not to refund any of the amount pre-paid.

If there is a balance due on your account at the time of cancellation and you are canceling beyond the 30-day trial period or 10-day renewal period, we kindly request that you make payment for all services rendered to your website. Otherwise, there is a possibility that further action will be taken to recover payment.

The domain name registration ownership will not be affected by this cancellation and will remain as the registrant's as long as all services are paid through.

Thank you for using NetFronts Web Hosting. If you have any questions about our cancellation policy, please write to us.